Managing Adverse Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives

By Pharm. Timeyin Ogungbe Hormonal contraception refers to birth control methods that act on the endocrine system. Many contraceptives rely on the use of steroid hormones. There are two main classes of hormonal contraceptives: Combined contraceptives – contain both oestrogen (usually ethinyl estradiol) and progestin. Progestogen-only contraceptives More...

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By Yusuff Moshood On Monday, March 13th, 2017

Will the new National Health Policy work?

In 2007, I gained admission to study for a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the Lagos State University (LASU). Since I had obtained a first degree in the discipline (Public Administration) some years More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Monday, February 13th, 2017

Recession and the re-emergence of fake drug

Drugs are becoming scarce and more expensive. Prices of drugs started going up in Nigeria in 2015 when the recession set in. The prices soared further in 2016 and the trend has continued in this year 2017. Yet, More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
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What are your health resolutions for 2017?

  While it may be necessary to seek the guidance of a health professional before adopting some health practices as resolutions, there are some health measures that have been confirmed by researches to be safe More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Beyond Recession And Depression

The year 2016, for many Nigerians will go down in history as the year of economic recession.  The economic downturn in this outgoing year has had far-reaching impacts on Nigeria and Nigerians. The seriousness of More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Monday, October 31st, 2016

The Sad Return Of Polio

In August, the Nigerian government announced the discovery of two new cases of wild polio (WPV) virus in Borno State. The new cases were of two children from Gwoza and Jere Local Government Areas of the state. The More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Friday, September 30th, 2016

Why do people die?

This question surely does not have a straightforward answer. In fact, if you ask ten people this question, you may get ten different answers. I suspect the reason is because the issue of death is often viewed from More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Should we embrace traditional medicine more?

Sometime around the month of October 2002, I went to see a former boss and friend, who was then a customer relations manager at Nigerian German Chemicals (NGC), in Ikeja.  After our discussion, he stood up to see More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

What do dentists do?

Sometime in the first week of July, I was eating boiled corn when I felt a crack in one of my teeth. I stopped the mastication, spat out the morsel in my mouth and was surprised to see the fragment of a tooth in More...

By Yusuff Moshood On Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Who is stealing from the sick?

There are all sorts of thieves. There are the petty thieves who pick peoples’ pockets at bus stops. There are other thieves who steal peoples’ properties when the owners are not around. They sometimes break More...