2018 FIP Congress to Explore Pharmacists’ Role in Health Systems


The forthcoming International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)’s 78th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will explore ways of extending the role of pharmacists to enable them play a full part in ensuring patients and health systems get full benefit from medicines, FIP has said.

According to a release by the federation, the 2018 congress, themed: “Pharmacy – Transforming Outcomes”  will be held from 2 to 6 September at SEC Centre, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK).

FIP President, Dr Carmen Pena

The Congress, the first to be held in the UK since 1979 when it was held in Brighton, is expected to provide a unique learning opportunity for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in Great Britain and from around the world, says the global pharmacy body.

According to the FIP release, pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are uniquely trained and qualified healthcare professionals capable of personalising therapy for improved patient outcome and can thus help to solve the problem of “one-size-fits-all” approach that is failing many patients around the globe for the pharmacological treatment of disease.

Topics that will be discussed during the congress include: Advancements in drug discovery formulation, compounding delivery systems, and mathematical modelling; Focus on new technologies and approach to achieve individualised therapy; Innovations in disseminating new knowledge through the identification of key competencies and training and leadership development of the current and next generation.

The technician symposium and deans forum will also be held at the congress that will be graced by global experts.