5,000 underage girls give birth Everyday- UN reports



February 12 of every year is set aside as world sexual and reproductive health day, when nations and organizations discuss issues on teenage pregnancy, and enlighten both parents and teenagers why they should shun the habit.

According to a director at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Werner Haug, “some 7.3 million teen women give birth every year. 2 million of these are under 15 years of age, and every day, roughly 5,000 girls give birth. Yearly, 70 million young women lose their lives during pregnancy and childbirth”.

In his report,Motherhood in Childhood, released two years back, he said it shows that adolescent pregnancy perpetuates poverty and hampers development in poor countries.

He further noted that adolescent pregnancy is related to a “whole string of human rights violations” and so it must gain more attention in global development policy.