About Pharmanews

Pharmanews Limited, founded by Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi is a healthcare publishing, training and consultancy firm, poised to ensure consistent improvements in the quality of healthcare services through publishing and training.

 About Us: Pharmanews Limited is a healthcare news publishing firm
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To publish the world’s leading healthcare news online and hard copy.

  • To continually improve the quality of Pharmanews.
  • To continually expand the content of Pharmanews.
  • To continually expand the readership of Pharmanews.
It was established in 1979 as publishers of health periodicals with Pharmanews as the leading journal.  In 1993, the company commenced training of healthcare professionals and it  has since become reputable trainers of health personnel and institutions nationwide. We also engage in consultancy and book publishing. We remain committed to this vision by delivering qualitative services based on integrity.