Cliantha Research acquires Inflamax Research


Cliantha Research is proud to announce the acquisition of Inflamax Research. Inflamax has locations in Toronto, ON; Neptune, NJ and Newark, NJ. Cliantha Research will have the capabilities to perform Phase I, II, III and IV clinical research in North America. Inflamax’s world renowned expertise in inflammatory disease research and patented natural allergen Environmental Exposure Chambers (EEC) shall allow Cliantha to conduct Asthma, Allergy, Ophthalmology, Tobacco research plus specialized pulmonary/respiratory therapeutic studies.

The two New Jersey clinics were acquired by Hill Top Research (St. Petersburg, FL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cliantha Research since 2011. With two clinical sites in the U.S., Hill Top Research can conduct HRIPT studies as per FDA guidance.

“Inflamax is the leader in research in inflammatory disease with a specialty in Environmental Exposure Chamber technologies. Now we can provide our sponsors with advanced clinical trial designs along with a strong, highly experienced scientific team in North America. This acquisition brings us closer to our goal of offering highly specialized trials to our sponsor.” says Mr. Vijay Patel, Executive Director, Cliantha Research.

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Dr. Piyush Patel, CEO of Inflamax Research, commented, “I am very excited about the future prospects of Inflamax Research and the Cliantha team working together. This merger brings together the best of our collective scientific research capabilities and expands our infrastructure and offerings to our clients. There are many synergies between Inflamax Research and Cliantha which will offer new and expanded opportunities to our clients.”

Both firms are committed to a smooth, well planned integration of services in North America and India. The synergy of the combined companies expands service offerings and will drive growth. The Inflamax Toronto Clinic and Chambers will continue to operate under the current leadership of Dr. Piyush Patel and Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek as Inflamax Research. The New Jersey Clinical units will be integrated with our US operation as Hill Top Research to offer world-class dermatology research studies such as HRIPT, Adhesion, Cumulative Irritation and PK studies.

About Inflamax Research

Dr. Piyush Patel is the founder of Inflamax Research and an internationally recognized allergy and asthma specialist. Inflamax is a full service CRO with a strong, highly experienced scientific team led by Dr. Anne Marie Salapatek that provides First-in-human, BA/BE, and Phase II, III, IV services. Inflamax maintains 100 beds in Toronto, ON and 100 beds in Neptune, NJ. Inflamax has expertise studying allergic rhino-conjunctivitis and asthma using both traditional field and controlled allergen challenge approaches. Inflamax utilizes direct allergen instillation models of Conjunctival Allergen Provocation Testing (CAPT), Nasal Allergen Challenge (NAC), Bronchial Allergen Challenge, as well as natural airborne allergen challenges via our validated EECs. Inflamax’s natural allergen Environmental Exposure Chambers (EEC) are state of the art facilities that tightly regulate temperature and humidity while simulating the level of allergen exposure patients would encounter in their everyday lives. By monitoring patients throughout the exposure, nasal, bronchial and ocular symptoms and signs may be evoked consistently and safely.

About Cliantha Research

Cliantha Research, is a global Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing integrated clinical offerings in Early Phase (Phase I/IIa), Late Phase (Phase II-IV), Bioequivalence (BA/BE), Clinical Endpoint Trials, Bioanalytical, Biosimilars, Dermatology, Biometrics and Personal Healthcare services. Our services have science at its foundation that is developed through regular and systematic training of the Cliantha Team. Cliantha offers Biosimilar, Biotech, Cosmetic, Generic, Personal Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies a comprehensive range of clinical research and support services. Cliantha Research has acquired Hill Top Research, Karmic Lifesciences and Inflamax Research. The companies operate under their legacy brand name; however, we operate as one company – Cliantha. For more information please visit