Enlarge your Style of Thinking: Selling is a Number Game!


I was once asked by a friend that if I had the opportunity of taking a bank loan of one million and five hundred million, which would I go for? I replied him that I would go for five hundred million. The reason is simple: the same stress of taking a loan of one million will also apply with five hundred million.

In going for the latter, I will have more advantages if I went for the bigger amount because I will have more money to invest and more profit to make. The bank will likely assign financial experts to me to ensure that the fund is adequately secured and judiciously utilised. This reduces the risk of failing. This is why I believe that it is better to think big all the time. Think big. No one wins a trophy for thinking small. This is one of my sales rules.

Enlarging your thinking

The process of professional selling doesn’t flow with mediocre thinking. Salesmen should always discourage accommodating little figures or projections in their minds. When I teach the concept of sales target, I tell salesmen to apply The Selling Champion 1x2x20 Model. In this model, Number 1 represents the sales target allocated from the office. Number 2 is multiplying the daily sales target by 2. Number 20 is multiplying the figure you got by 20, which is approximate working days in the month.

Therefore, if your office allocated 1,000,000 units daily for you as sales target. Applying this formula, it becomes: 1,000,000 x 2 = 2,000,000 x 20 = 40,000,000. Your New Daily Sales Target [DST] becomes 2,000,000, while your New Monthly Sales Target [MST] becomes 40,000,000, instead of 20,000,000 allocated from the office.

You lose nothing by thinking this way. Think and act big always. What salespeople are required to do is to appraise the capacity of every prospect they are following up and work with the highest figure they think the prospect can achieve. Suppose the information the salesman gathered tells him that the prospect buys between 1000 unit to 3000 units of items at every purchase, a smart salesman will go for 3000 unit when he eventually meets with the prospect. He prepares all his efforts towards selling 3000 units of items.

Unbreakable Laws of Sales 7th Law: Selling is like fishing - you need the line, the hook and the bait

This is how to succeed in your selling. No one expands by contraction. People grow by going for bigger targets. Go for bigger results. Work hard and smart to attain the best result. It is never a crime to dream big. Dreams should be bigger than the dreamers. The bigger the dream, the bigger the achievement – the happier the dreamer.


You stand out when you think like a champion

A champion doesn’t just think about the crown; he goes all the miles to win it! You attract respect and followership when you think big and achieve extraordinary result. Nobody wants to identify with a mediocre. Let your dreams be as big as you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Just believe you can achieve your goals and you will. Don’t be afraid of sales target. You need to Scare Your Sales Target! Yes, you can. You achieve this feat by changing the way you think and by doing things differently. You need to look at your approach to work. You need to look at your strategy. Great things don’t just happen; great things are made to happen.

You have a lot of capacity within. You only need to believe and work hard. There is nothing to lose when you follow this line of thought. You only need to ensure a positive line of thought and work hard to make it come to reality. Thinking big drives you to go for bigger goals and achievements; it leads to greatness.

Think around the customer you are already dealing with on how to make him buy himself into your mega distributor category. Think of how you will be your company’s best salesman of the year. These thinking patterns are no crime, they will enable the salesman work harder to maintain or exceed his expectations.

When you enlarge your thinking, what you have done is that you have broadened your expectation and capacity to do more. Your capability is a function of your level of thinking. You can’t achieve beyond what you think. You are what you think and how you think.

24th Law: If You Want to Succeed, Do What Successful People Do

Walter Anderson said, ‘‘You and I are not what we eat; we are what we think.’’ You are not bigger than the way you think. You cannot grow beyond your thoughts. You overcome your challenges by the way you think. Enlarge Your Thinking Style and be an outstanding professional.

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