Ferring Pledges Commitment to Reducing Maternal Mortality


–  Launches Tractocile to Tame Preterm Labour

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Nigeria has pledged its commitment to partnering with stakeholders in the health sector to ensure drastic reduction in maternal mortality rate in the country.

Speaking with Pharmanews in an exclusive interview, during a special symposium and launch of Tractocile (Atosiban) – a drug for the treatment/management of preterm labour – held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Pharm. Yemi Aladeniyi, sales manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Nigeria/Ghana, said that a major reason the company decided to come to Nigeria was to help reduce maternal mortality to the barest minimum in the country. This, he said, is in tandem with the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

L-R: Prof. Kuti Oluwafemi, president, Association of Feto-maternal Medicine Specialists of Nigeria; Prof. Hans Helmer, associate professor of obstetrics & gynaecology, Medical University Vienna-Austria; Pharm. Yemi Aladeniyi, sales manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Nigeria/Ghana; Prof. Oluwarotimi Akinola, president, Society of Gynaecology & Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON) and Mr Godfrey Ayuka, promotional manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, during the event.

Aladeniyi further stated that Ferring is committed to working towards ensuring that maternal mortality is significantly reduced by 2030, adding that the company is partnering with care givers and other stakeholders to ensure Nigerians get all the needed information, education and drugs to make the 2030 goal a reality.

He also stated that while the Nigerian government was already doing a lot to improve maternal and child health, there was still a great need for more collaboration between the government, caregivers (doctors) and the pharmaceutical companies, noting that a firmer and better collaboration among these stakeholders would be quite invaluable to achieve the much desired success in maternal health care.

On the newly launched Tractocile (Atosiban), Pharm. Aladeniyi said the drug belongs to the class of drugs called Tocolytics which are medications used to treat preterm labour to ensure the foetus has enough time to mature, adding that Tractocile (Atosiban) is the only drug now licensed in Nigeria for this condition.

The new drug, the Ferring boss explained, has better side effects profile on both the mother and the foetus, which is the reason it is referred to as a medication for taking care of two lives.

He said that physicians will find the drug very useful when taking care of patients who need it, noting that it will also be very useful to reduce complications related to and resulting in premature birth.