Fibre Supplement Offers Hope For Asthmatics


In what has been described as a ground-breaking study by many, scientists from the University of Newcastle have achieved a feat in discovering fibre supplements  that could control asthma that have hitherto resisted existing medications.

The findings, which could be of benefit to the fifteen million Nigerians suffering from Asthma, showed that good gut health could help asthma-sufferers struggling to control their condition.

According to the research published on Daily Mail Online, the researchers ran a trial using fibre supplements and found that the supplements altered the gut microbiome in asthmatics which in turn had a positive impact on asthma control.

The lead researcher, Professor Lisa Wood said, “the ground-breaking research offers hope of a viable, complementary treatment for tens of millions of asthmatics around the world struggling to control their asthma with existing medications,’.

Records has it that the results of the trial were presented for the first time on Monday at the Thoracic Society for Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra.

“This is the first time anyone has looked at the impact of altering the gut microbiome on asthma control in humans. We’re at the tip of a new paradigm for how diet can be used to treat asthma,” Professor Peter Gibson, President of TSANZ, said at the conference.

The implication of the discovery, which monitored changes in asthma control, lung function, and gut microbiota is for asthmatics to eat more food rich in fibre and as well as seek fibre supplements specially formulated for the condition.