Meet Ezekwueche: Canada-Based Young Pharmacist and Fashionista


He had a humble beginning like every other Nigerians, but with great ambitions. Though he had his education in the eastern part of Nigeria, but he had envisioned living and practicing abroad right from his childhood. And of course, that is a reality today.

Born in the late 80s as the last child of a middle-class family in Anambra State, Pharm. Chukwunonso Ezekwueche, had both his primary and secondary education in Anambra State and obtained his Pharmacy degree from the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. He also did his one-year internship at NAFDAC, Lagos and the one-year compulsory NYSC at Ministry of Health, Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria.

Meet Ezekwueche: Canada-Based Young Pharmacist and Fashionista
Pharm. Chukwunonso Ezekwueche

“I had a pretty normal experience growing up. We were comfortable and I lacked nothing. My mother instilled in us the virtue of always being content with what we had. I had always wanted to live abroad as a child and I always fantasized about the idea of living in a country where almost everything works, a country where there is security of lives and properties and, a country where tax payer’s money are put to good use and a country that advocates and stands for equal human rights”.

Presently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – the fruition of his childhood dream, he is simultaneously practicing Pharmacy and Fashion-influencing.

“Pharmacy is my career but fashion and showing men how to look good even on a tight budget is a passion of mine. I am pursuing the two fields simultaneously. Who says you can’t joggle more than one thing at a time?”, he questioned.

When asked about his motivation to study Pharmacy in the array of other science courses, he said his love to assist people resolve their healthcare challenges as well as improve their medication adherence informed his decision.

“I just love the idea of providing solutions to people’s healthcare needs. I wanted to help people get well and improve medication adherence.

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“Pharmacists are in such high demand especially in the developed countries and we enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities such as working in the hospitals, nursing homes, the pharmaceutical industry, community practice, colleges and schools.

Meet Ezekwueche: Canada-Based Young Pharmacist and Fashionista
Pharm. Chukwunonso Ezekwueche

“There’s so much you can do as a pharmacist and the opportunities are limitless. Also being a pharmacist comes with a lot of dignity and respect”.

Being an uncommon phenomenon for a pharmacist to toe the path of fashion influencing, which Nonso is blending without breaking any sweat, he said, he copes easily because fashion blogging is his hobby.

”Like I said, fashion blogging is something I enjoy doing and I do not see it as a chore at all. After I moved to Canada, I observed that the fashion scene was still struggling when compared to USA, Paris and Milan. I felt I could meet the needs in my own little way, so I rebranded my social media and started showing men that they could dress on a budget and still make a fashion statement. I have been in the influencing business for almost three years.

“When you love something, you create time for it. I have mastered the art of time management and prioritization. This helps me create a balance and make judicious use of my time so everything is taken care of”, he stated.

A dedicated community pharmacist, who delights in rendering pharmaceutical care services to his patients, Nonso believes that Pharmacy practice is same everywhere, but there are differences in drugs regulations, as some drugs that can easily be obtained over the counter in Nigeria, are strictly by prescription in Canada.

Thus to curb the wave of drug abuse and self medication in Nigeria, he urged the leadership of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) to take a leave from the Canadian drug regulatory policies to place more stringent policies on drug dispensing in the country .

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“I am in the community practice. I worked for a few years in Lagos after my NYSC as a superintendent pharmacist in a community pharmacy. I believe that is where my calling lies, being able to render pharmaceutical advice to my patients. I find it very fulfilling and rewarding.

“Pharmacy practice is basically the same everywhere but every country has its own pharmacy laws that govern the profession and makes sure that no one acts out of turn. There is also a lot of regulation of drug usage in Canada compared to Nigeria. Some drugs you can easily get over the counter in Nigeria would require the patient to have a doctor’s prescription in Canada. For example, you cannot buy most antibiotics over the counter in Canada.

“A good way would be putting more stringent regulations on how drugs are dispensed. This would correct self-medication, drug abuse and drug misuse”, he advised.

And to young pharmacists in Nigeria and anywhere in the world, the pharmacist cum fashion influencer encourages them to follow their passion, saying there is no limit to what they can achieve.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a career and a passion and pursuing them simultaneously and there is nothing stopping you from becoming whatever you want to be. You are only restricted by the limits you place on yourself. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Feel free to follow your passion sometimes that is what could make way for you. It may not be fashion, it could be singing, painting, etc. Put yourself out there. The world is waiting for you”, he quipped.