NAIP Unveils Work Plan For The Next Two Years


In order to deliver on its agenda, the new executives of the Association of Industrial Pharmacists of Nigeria (NAIP) have disclosed a two-year strategic work plan to run from 2017 to 2019.

National Chairman of NAIP, Pharm. Ignatius Anukwu, while unveiling the plan to the association’s members during its September bi-monthly meeting, held at the premises of Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited in Dopemu, Lagos, noted that the reason for the work plan was not only to implement the new executives’ objectives during their tenure but to also improve the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector in general.

Speaking further at the event, graced by dignitaries such as the new Managing Director of Swipha, Mr Gaby El Khoury; Chairman, PMG-MAN, Pharm. Okey Akpa; and past chairmen of NAIP, Dr Lolu Ojo and Pharm. (Prince) Gbenga Falabi, the NAIP chairman said that having been part of the previous NAIP leaderships, the plan of his administration was not only to consolidate on all that had been achieved in the past but to also take NAIP to the next level, adding that the work plan would help to give direction to the implementation of the new executives’ agenda for NAIP.

Anukwu also explained that the main reason for taking the meeting to Swipha’s head office, instead of the usual practice of holding the event in a rented hall, was not just to save money but to improve relationship among members, noting that members of the association in the host company who could have found it difficult to attend the meeting because of work commitments, would now be able to attend because it is being held in their premises, adding that more of NAIP’s bi-monthly meetings would be hosted by other pharmaceutical companies in future.

In his welcome address at the event, Mr Gaby El Khoury, managing director, Swipha, said that having heard a lot about NAIP and how much it had given to the pharmaceutical industry, he was finally happy to not only host the association but to be a part of it.

He noted that Biogaran acquired Swipha in a period of economic recession because the company believes in Nigeria and believes that the best time to invest is when the economy is down.

“That is why we are here to show that we believe in this economy and that it will rebound,” he said.

Mr El Khoury also praised Swipha staff members, noting that the most important asset of Swipha is the staff who are dedicated and have built a good reputation for the company in the medical community.

The Swipha boss equally hailed the Nigerian pharmaceutical market, noting that it is the biggest market in the continent because of Nigeria’s population.

Also speaking at the event, Pharm. Okey Akpa congratulated the new NAIP leadership and pledged the commitment of the PMG-MAN to continue working with NAIP to improve the pharmaceutical industry and the nation.

He reiterated the PMG-MAN’s position that the best way forward for Nigeria is to invest in manufacturing, noting that the pharmaceutical sector of the Nigerian economy can only grow when local pharmaceutical manufacturing is promoted and encouraged.

The highlight of the occasion was the official inauguration of NAIP committees that will work on the implementation of the work plan.