Revealed: How Xmas Decorations Boost Our Moods and Relationships-Psychologist


It is not a coincidence that the yuletide comes with colourful decorations for the holidays as experts have disclosed that the lights and colour schemes of the holidays happen to be the same ones that boost moods, making us feel better with among our relations and associates.

Holiday decorating done right can help to prevent family conflicts by putting you and yours in the right mood, experts said. The colour schemes and decor of the season happen to also be the same ones that psychologists say tend to lift spirits and create an evolutionary sense of comfort.

In a report published on Daily Mail online, a Chicago environmental and design psychologist Dr Sally Augustin, asserted that whatever appeals to all the senses will definitely optimize our ability to call back fond memories and relax among our loved ones.

Xmas decorations

Analysing the effects of the beautification on the human system, Dr Augustin said it has the potentials to us more open to new connections and less likely to fight with our least favourite in-laws.

Some of the health benefits of colourful home decorations as highlighted by the psychologist are:

Warm lights boost our moods, creativity, and appetites

She said that as we have evolved, “our eyes and neural networks developed in tandem in a way that creates positive associations with warmer light”.

These positive associations with warm colours – like warm white or red-tinted Christmas lights – put us in a more relaxed mood. “’When we experience warmer coloured  lights, candle light or light from warmer bulbs, it puts us in a more positive mood, which is great for getting along with others,’ says Dr Augustin.

Research has also shown that intense light intensifies our moods, too, whether positively or negatively. Seasonal lighting encourages the inevitable feasting families indulge in this time of year, too. This simply explains why people  overeat at the holidays because “warm colours tend to spur our appetite and, Christmas decorations, at least, are likely to be red, so you can hardly help yourself from having that second piece of pie” ,says Dr Agustin.

 Cozy textures and familiar scents set the stage for peaceful family time

But even for those who aren’t drawing on old positive memories, other decorating principles can help to create a calm and comfortable environment. Many of these, Dr Augustin says, are similar to the principles of the trendy Icelandic tradition of hygge.

When decorating for the holidays, ‘make sure there are lots of soft textures and cuddly warm blankets,’ says Dr Augustin. ‘We have positive associations to soft warm, cuddly and flannel textures. These are all good things in our mind that boost our mood, and when we are in a better mood, we get along better,’ she says.

Minimize stress with curvy lines and clutter-free spaces

While urging people to create reasonable space and amount for decoration, Dr Augustin said they should be mindful of their limited resources in order to avoid being stranded after the holidays. If you create a space that’s too complex visually, it makes you tense.

The psychologist also advised that when adding other decorative elements, it’s good to bring in things with curvy lines, because we find those relaxing and associate them with nurturing.’

Yet to get your apartment decorated for the season? You have heard it all, on why it is healthful to your and all yours.

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