1     may present with eye involvement
2     postherpetic neuralgia does not exceed 2 months in duration
3     pain is characterised by spasms

A     1, 2, 3
B     1, 2 only
C     2, 3 only
D    1 only
E    3 only


  1. D is the answer and there is no winner to this question.
    Details Below:
    Shingles usually occurs along the thorax, head and neck and lumbosacral
    area. Eye or ear involvement may occur and this requires referral of the patient
    to a specialist to limit long-term damage. Postherpetic neuralgia may develop
    as a chronic painful condition that may last from months to years after the
    acute phase of shingles. Postherpetic neuralgia presents with severe, con-
    tinuous, burning pain.

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