The More Fish, Nuts and Seeds You Consume, The Healthier Your Brain


The axiom ‘you are what you eat’, was vividly demonstrated by the findings of two different studies that validated that eating fish, nuts and seeds can help preserve your memory as you age.

The researchers from the University of Illinois posited that as we get older, parts of the brain age at different rates, but found that polyunsaturated fats in fish, nuts and seeds help to maintain ageing brain parts.

They found that  Omega-3s can preserve brain areas that are key to memory and problem solving, while the fatty acids can also help to protect the fornix, a region linked to Alzheimer’s.

The findings reported on DailyMailOnline  noted that Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids found in these food groups protect the areas of the brain that are most affected by ageing, two new studies have found.

These same fats may also aid maintenance of the fornix, which is a small brain region that has previously been linked to memory and Alzheimer’s disease, the study revealed.

The report reads in part: “In both studies, researchers from the University of Illinois analysed levels of a type of fat, known as polyunsaturated fat, in the blood of adults aged 65 to 75. Polyunsaturated fats are found in salmon, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

“The researchers asked the participants to take part in a number of cognitive tests and analyzed structures in their brains using scans.

“They found that those with high levels of polyunsaturated fats in their blood did better in problem-solving tasks.Such participants also tended to have larger left frontoparietal cortices – the brain region associated with problem-solving.”