Users Beware: Facebook, Instagram Reduce Bedroom Activities, Study Finds


Scientists have reiterated it overtime that your health status has a direct impact on your sex life, and this has shown with people managing one condition or the other.

However, in what sounds like an incredible story, but which has been validated through an empirical research, a new study has shown that social media is damaging the confidence of Britons in the bedroom. The study which was commissioned by anonymous online journal, also found that a majority of people are less likely to engage in sex after seeing other people’s posts on those sites.

According to the report published on Daily Mail Online, it found that Photo-sharing appeared to have a stronger effect on men, with two-thirds saying it affected their performance in the bedroom.

It further revealed that more than a quarter of women stated that logging into Facebook or Instagram before bedtime resulted in them feeling ‘less sexy’, and seven per cent said they ‘do not feel like sex’ after checking their Instagram or Facebook account.

Confirming the development,  a Psychologist Dr Richard Sherry said: ‘These findings go further than previous studies, which showed that intimacy is affected because we spend more time on our smartphones than we ever did before.


What a revelation! But would you go with this finding?