Vote for the Pharmanews PANSite of the Year


Sequel to the creation of the Young Pharmacist of the Year Award by Pharmanews Ltd, which saw Pharm. Isa Muhammad as the winner, the publishing firm has decided to extend the Online Competition to the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS), which is tagged:”Pansite of the Year Award”.

This is another initiative to reward innovation and active participation of Pharmacy students, who have distinguished themselves in public healthcare activities as well as community/social development.

Pharmanews PANSite of the Year
Pharmanews PANSite of the Year

Following the nomination exercise, the panel in charge of the exercise has shortlisted six (6) nominees with highest nominations for an Online Poll, and the candidate with the highest votes becomes the winner.

N/B: This is to inform all PANSites that due to complaints from two candidates, about the inability of their fans to vote, and an alleged use of cheat by another candidate, the panel has reset the voting system to commence afresh, in order for each candidate to have equal chances of winning.

Security measures have also been beefed up to prevent any kind of digital manipulation, hence voters will be required to register before casting their votes.We urge everyone to kindly comply, for a free and fair online poll.

Please note that voting closes on 22 May 2019.

Vote for the PANSite of the Year


  1. Yusuff Abebayo ADEBISI of university of Ibadan is the man. Just give it to him, he’s an undisputed champion. He’s brilliant and hard working.

  2. Adebisi Yussuf A. is not only intelligent but also very brilliant and talented.
    I voted him because I’m very sure he’s nothing but the very best man for the job.

  3. I oyediran Samuel vote for Adebisi yusuff adebayo ( University of ibadan,oyo state)as the PANsite of the year award

  4. I vote Melody Okereke a student of the University of Ilorin.
    He is practically and academically eligible for this!!

  5. The mobile compendium
    Kenneth B.David
    Good success boss..its all yours to be taken…

  6. kenneth David is a billion times ahead of all other guys. Kaduna State University all the way. Let us see who wins.

  7. My vote goes to my mentor, Kenneth B. David. Though not a Pharmacy student, I’ve learnt a great deal from his life in all ramifications.

    This award is yours Sir.

  8. I voted for Comrade YUSUF Hassan Wada. The student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto Nigeria. A university known for its peaceful and academic excellence. It is also regarded as the most peaceful University in Nigeria and an apple does not fall far from the tree that is why wada is the best as he has been trained by the peaceful University as such he is also regarded as peaceful member of a given society and nothing can be achieved in the absence of peace. May Allah bless you wada. Aameeen

  9. I keep my fingers crossed for Kenneth B. David,he’s incontestably the one for this award,vote Kenneth B.D

  10. I voted for Pharm Yusuf hassan wada from the most peaceful university in Nigeria wish you success in the tuneup.

  11. I vote for Melody Okereke ( university of ilorin) he is eligible for this, as the saying “give honour to whom honour is dew” so Melody Okereke all the way.

  12. I ain’t know any body up there as I’m there sophomore PANSITE repping OOU. But then from the specs, I voted for Adebisi Yusuf Adebayo. He has a nice profile to tow in the field of pharmacy.

  13. I vote Melody Okereke a student of the University of Ilorin.
    He is practically and academically eligible for this!!

  14. I vote Adebisi yusuff Adebayo( university of Ibadan) as the pansite of the year. He merit this award, I can vouch and stand for him anywhere he is just the best person for this award. All the best

  15. Adebisi Yusuff from the University Of Ibadan, I wish you All the Best… Go and Shine?

  16. I vote Adebisi Yusuff Adebayo because he is the brain behind many educational researches. I vote and vouch for him. And do not forget our vote counts. We need your votes to achieve this together. I represent MAPOLY, Microbiology Department

  17. Kenneth B. David is the answer to all the questions in the Pharma world. Go for Kenneth, young and intelligent, selfless and focus. With Kenneth B. David, the joy of the Pharmaceutical sector will know no end.

    • Adebisi Yussuf A. is not only intelligent but also very brilliant and talented.
      I voted him because I’m very sure he’s nothing but the very best man for the job.

  18. Comment: I vote for CHRISTY ALAGBE ( University of Ibadan). She is a young and vibrant Lady worthy of emulation. I wish u all the best.

  19. Joba, the boss himself
    The man of honour.
    His way of everything is highly vivacious.
    The leader whose attitude towards life is worth of emulation.
    He is the only one that has highest potential of been elected as Pharmanews PANSite of the year.
    ##I stand with the best of the rest – Joba Ojelabi##

  20. Adebisi Yusuff Adebayo, thank you for your global contributions to the healthcare sector over the years. Keep the flag flying. More power to your elbow.

  21. Yusuf Hassan is a cerebral young man who has what it takes to be the face of Pharmacy students not only in Nigeria but the world at large. A down to earth, vibrant and articulate fellow he’s. Voting for him will never be regretted, I bet you!

  22. I voted for Yusuf Hassan Wada (Usmanu danfodiyo university, sokoto) as the PANsite of the year.

  23. Jesujoba Ojelabi: a PANSite worthy of emulation. His contributions locally and at the national level -PRICELESS!

  24. ‘Joba is the man! I bow to his Leadership prowess, his creativity and self less service towards the progress of PANS – locally and nationally.

  25. I voted Ojelabi Jesujoba. Jesujoba has displayed all-round excellence especially in his performance as PANS national EIC and as PANS OAU President. He is the man!

  26. I voted for Yusuf Hassan wada…a young guy Wit great potentials…. This guy will b very useful to d profession in d near future!

  27. I voted for Yusuff Hassan Wada as the Pansite of the year because when you are talking of public healthcare activities as well as community/social development. Yusuf is the best

  28. Adebisi Yusuf has been long known for contribution towards humanity in his line of studies.

    He is listening, carely responding every enquiries from almost every angles of medical ailment. He is a good guy.

  29. Yusuff may Allah Lead u all through to success in leadership of u have attained it, guide u and always show u d way. Good luck is wat I wish u.

    • Show me a dilligent,intelligent and vibrant leader and i will show you Ojelabi Jesujoba, a man of great capacity. He is the Pansite of the year you’re looking for.

  30. I voted Yusuf hassan wada. He really deserve this award… He is great. I wish him all the best.