Published On: Wed, May 17th, 2017

Revealed: How Pharmacist Reenacted Judas Iscariot, Allegedly Kidnapped His Boss

The story of Pharm. Emeka Egbulugha, the Superintendent Pharmacist, of Maydon Pharmaceuticals aptly played out the famous biblical account of how Judas Iscariot, a disciple of Jesus Christ betrayed his master to the enemies for thirty pieces of silver.

When the news of the kidnap of Mr. Donatus Dunu, managing director of Maydon Pharmaceuticals broke on February 14, 2017, no one initially had clues to his whereabouts, not even his family members, until the abductors contacted them, and demanded a ransom of one million Euro (N500 million) for his release

Pharm. Emeka Egbulugha

As the days were turning into weeks and weeks became months with the kidnappers not ready to let go of their victim, the relatives of Dunu, made part payment of the ransom, amounting to about N150 million according to reports, upon which they failed to release him.

Little did anyone know that Egbulugha, a native of Oguta, in Imo State, who was in the employ of Dunu, until his arrest by the police could be allegedly involved in such criminal act, as the victim narrated his ordeal in the hands of the terrible kidnap gang and how he had heard the voice of his employee, at different times discussing with his abductors while in their net.

According to the police source, “the victim said that a few days after he was abducted, he overheard the voice of pharmacist Emeka, who has been under his employ for long, discussing with his abductors in an adjoining room. He said he heard him asking members of the gang keeping watch over him whether they had contacted members of his family”.

“A few days before his escape, the victim said Emeka came and reassured them that he had signed all the documents for the release of goods worth about N7 million from his warehouse and also came the next Thursday to boldly question why they had not killed him as agreed.“He reportedly left after he was assured that they would carry out the killing by the following day, Friday”.  At this stage, the victim said he gave up hope of freedom.

“However, by early hours of Friday, he was able to unchain himself while his captors were deeply asleep with their guns and escaped through the back door, landing at the next compound, where a security guard jumped at him and branded him a thief.  He said that after narrating his story to the guard, he told him to wait but he did not see him again after waiting for a long time.”

Although he almost ran out of luck by falling into the hands of passersby who misconstrued him for a thief, but after some explanations, they assisted him to the Igando police station.

When pulled a call through to Mrs Lilian Dunu, the wife of the victim, she acknowledged that Egbulugha had worked for some years with the company, but that he seldom attended the morning prayers made for her husband’s release all through the time he was in kidnappers’ den, as the pharmacist often resume late to work.

Mrs Dunu, who admitted that the family paid a huge ransom to the abductors, said she wasn’t sure of the exact amount paid, but that it was not in naira.

She was however indeed grateful to God for the double blessings she has just experienced- her husband’s miraculous escape and the discharge of her son who had been hospitalised for about a week over an illness.

The visit of to the pharmaceutical company at Ilupeju, Surulere, Lagos, yielded further revelations into the story, as some senior colleagues of Egbulugha opened up on how he has been unnecessarily generous to some ladies in the company.

His colleagues who spoke to us in confidence, said they had been doubting his sources of income for a while, as he was fond of doling out money to every Dick, Tom, and Harry, who cares to ask him for lunch, whereas they could not afford such charitable gestures, even with their salaries higher than his.

Since pharmacists are known to be men of honour, it was imperative for us to investigate the authenticity of Emeka’s claim of being a pharmacist. When the Registrar of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) Pharm. Elijah Mohammed was contacted for the verification of Emeka as a pharmacist, his answer was in the affirmative, but was disappointed at his alleged involvement in the present case of his boss.

“It is unfortunate he is allegedly involved in such act, but before now, we have never had any negative report about him”, he remarked

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  1. pateko says:

    That Emeka is a pharmacist does not make him a saint. After all the victim did not only hear his voice he saw his face. And that was why he pressured the kidnappers to get Dunu killed. He could be an agent to Evans men. So let him face the music. It wouldn’t be long before he will begin to sing.

  2. I hope this unprofessional news outlet is ready for a libel suit. Emeka has been released, as Evans and the real Emeka who works for Evans all confessed to not knowing Pharm. Emeka when he was paraded befoer them by the police. All the investigation carried out by the police showed he is not connected in anyway whatsoever with the crime. I sincerely hope Pharm. Emeka sues Maydon and the media outlets that published this. They cannot ruin an honest young man like that and go free.

  3. Legacy says:

    Hope you have all heard that Emeka has been released. He was brought face to face with Evans and he couldn’t recognize him. Hope we all learn not to quickly pass judgment… Pharmnews beware!!!

  4. Onyejiekwe Emmanuel says:

    Stupid pharmacists that made nonsense comment about Emeka.for your information Emeka has been granted bail today.No increminating evidence was found against him in connection to maydon kidnapping. Wailers should go and die.Emeka’s family can’t be found wanting in any criminal activity.. Never.

  5. Chnwe says:

    Did you hear the recent confession of CHUKWUDI ONWUAMADIKE aka EVANS who was arrested in Lagos and confessed to kidnapping this man.Are they connected or was this Pharmacist framed up?

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      This man should pay the full price for his actions. He is a thief and a murderer. First of all, he is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. Greed and the quest for overnight wealth has resulted in his arrest. Nemesis has caught up with him. The evil that men do live with them. He is willing to kill his boss for the love of money. He need to be hanged.

  6. Pharm Ikenna Aghaenu says:

    Please Pharmanews be wary how you jump to conclusions. This is an accusation, until proven I Pharm Aghaenu will not believe it.
    Police please investigate, pharmacists do not usually stoop this low. I wait to hear from the accused.

  7. Let us hear from him first before we jump into conclusion. If guilty, justice should be the next thing we seek.

  8. Ibezim A. says:

    I will well follow the trend that have solicited for verified fact before conclusion. And would like Pharmanews to take diligent care about their sentence construction less they appear bias and lose credibility the noble profession they represent glories in.

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      He is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. This is evidence of his guilt. He a criminal not a pharmacist.

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      There is no bias.This man is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. This is evidence of his guilt. He cannot even reveal his true town.

  9. Abiodun AJIBADE says:

    Like many have opined, I believe the case of this nature is too sensitive to pass for a sensational news. I sympathize with the Maydon family for the kidnap of the boss. I equally thank God for the miraculous escape. I will advise a thorough investigation launched to ascertain the veracity of this claim. Certain coincidences may not be the sure assurance for any claim. Well done Pharmanews for your efforts.

  10. Agbo Kene says:

    He is still innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.

  11. Pharm. B. L. Akinwande says:

    Accused is presumed innocent until proved otherwise. Let us hear from the accused person before rushing and jumping into conclusion. We shouldn’t be judgemental before all facts are laid open. Pharmsnews should please keep us posting on this ugly development. Thanks.
    Pharm. Akinwande B. L.

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      He is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. This is evidence of his guilt. The police have the right man. He is a thief and a murderer.

  12. Silvacare says:

    Probably the victim was blindfolded during his days in the kidnappers den.
    Hopefully he doesn’t have a voice recognition as to whether it’s truly Pharm. Emeka
    You just don’t conclude what you didn’t see by mere speech because I sincerely believe in individual polymorphism.

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      First of all he is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. This man is a thief and a murderer. If he is lying about where he comes from, this is evidence of his guilt

    • Uche says:

      The man personally saw him there, have u read his own part of the story. All this pharmacist should stop being sentimental and face reality. That pharmacist was actively involved and should be treated accordingly. Forget his profession every other profession has terrible people in them too. Am 99% sure of that man’s involvement from a very credible source.

  13. Legacy says:

    How come we have already judged and believed he did it without hearing his own side of the story. I don’t belief he did it. He was my classmate too. His generosity is not a newly acquired behaviour, am therefore not surprised at his charitable gestures. By the way the fact that he wasn’t attending the prayer meetings held for his boss doesn’t prove that he is guilty… being a pharmacist and a smart one at that he would have been attending such meetings or even be the person to start it in order to cover up his deeds. More investigations should be carried out to find out if our colleagues is guilty as proposed.

  14. Obinna says:

    I am watching. The victim should substantiate his claims. Emeka should get ready to clear himself or go for it as the case may be. As for pharmanews, do not take side in your reportage as it may backfire.

  15. Emma Bosah Chukwuka says:

    This is an unfotunate incident. It is a terrible portrayal of our Igbo tribe as greedy folks. Emeka should be tortured to produce his criminal partners. The law should be allowed to take its course. Emeka is a disappointment to God and humanity.

  16. nedy says:

    Dear Pharma news. I am terribly disappointed at how you told this story. If this came from a sensational news paper,I will not be pissed. What is the aim of this news?to spite the proffession or get more followers? You have made fone calls to verify that the man buys people lunch and the man’s voice was heard amongst the kidnappers. Nothing authentic or can be used in Court against this man yet. In as much as you used the word allegedly,I still find this very annoying as you tried to draw an analogy with Judas Iscariot making this sound like you are glorying in it. Kindly,please kindly wait before you report sensational news. This is supposed to be a professional site. You shouldn’t be the first to glory in such news, leave that for medical news online. Are you for pharmacy proffession or against. My idea is not for you to cover the sins of pharmacists but we would love to see an actual sin before you jump off publishing. If you like,swallow my comment

    • Emmanuel Okofoafor says:

      He is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed. I understand innocent until proven guilty. This man lied to the police. He is not from Oguta in Imo State as he claimed.

    • Uche says:

      Emeka was seen by the victim believe it or not. He is not innocent. I know the victim personally and he cannot just decide to frame him like that after going through such trauma.

  17. Charles says:

    Nothing is impossible these days. May God help us with the Holy scriptures as recorded in Proverbs 30:7-9

  18. Charles says:

    Nothing is impossible these days. May God help us with the Holy Scripture recorded in Proverbs 30:7-9

  19. xtopher says:

    let us not condemn in a rush people can do alot of things to misguide investigation . I have seen where peoples I d card or passport are dropped in a seen of crime . they do a lot of things to divert attention. the release of 7 million worth of goods and 500 million ransom is it significant . who was the good released. let’s also analyse how he escaped. someone in chain for months that worth 500 million all of a sudden escaped where all security men are sleeping?. hmmm may be devine intervention no doubt . Am seeing a case of set up. but if he indulges in such barbaric act God will surely pay him back.

    • Uche says:

      I don’t think it’s a set up shaa cos I heard the victims story personally and he saw Emeka with his two eyes. Somebody that went through all that will not even be thinking of setting someone up. My dear ohh and it’s really a miracle my uncle escaped death only by the grace of God. Praise God.

  20. Igwebuike says:

    This is a sad story, please has the accused volunteered any confessional statement? We need update @Pharmanews

  21. Aleke Blessing lebs says:

    Omg! I know him, he was in my class.This is unbelievable, but Emeka why ….

  22. Stephen says:

    This is incredible!! Emeka was my classmate at the University of Nigeria. It’s such a a shame that he could conceive and execute such a heinous thing. May God help his soul.

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Revealed: How Pharmacist Reenacted Judas Iscariot, Allegedly Kidnapped His Boss