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The Senate’s Road Map to Tackling Drug Abuse

With the recent unveiling of a comprehensive framework for curbing drug abuse by the Nigerian Senate, efforts to tame the increasingly rampant menace, especially...


The Problem with Polypharmacy

The Problem with Polypharmacy

Taking a multitude of prescription medications at a time is described as polypharmacy. More than five drugs administered by any route constitute too many...


Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence: an Edge in Profitability!

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. There abound massive opportunities in the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry. Finding them...


Strategies For a Flourishing Retail Pharmacy Business

By Ihekoronye, Romanus Maduabuchi A community pharmacy is a healthcare facility, under the legal supervision of a registered pharmacist that provides professional pharmacy services in...
Pharmanews Reflection for March

Nourish Your Talent

No matter how talented you may be, you need persistence to maximise the use of the talent. Persistence is doing something despite difficulty. You...


What is in Your Bread? (Video)

Heavy consumers of white bread may be slowly killing themselves. After all, we kill ourselves gradually by what we eat. Dr Gueniot of Paris, on reaching his hundredth year, said, "Man does not die,...