What are your health resolutions for 2017?



While it may be necessary to seek the guidance of a health professional before adopting some health practices as resolutions, there are some health measures that have been confirmed by researches to be safe and quite beneficial when adopted.

The first and perhaps the most important measure that should be adopted is annual medical checkup. This should, among other vital examinations, include a visit to an optometrist to have the eyes checked and a dentist for oral health evaluation.  This annual checkup, which can be slated for every January, can be quite invaluable in ensuring preventive health care.

Many health conditions resulting in deaths and causing serious complications are treatable and can be better managed when detected early.  Some serious health conditions can be detected early through such routine medical checkups.

Another important health resolution for the year is increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Experts and several published researches have confirmed that the important nutrients the body requires to fight off many diseases are in fruits and vegetables and not the array of junk, processed foods that many people consume daily.  Therefore, consuming fruits and vegetables as a key part of our daily diet is crucial to disease prevention and staying healthy.yusffff

Getting adequate sleep is also a very important resolution that should be adopted because it has huge health benefit.  Good sleep of about seven hours every night and when possible having short naps during the day, according to experts, not only helps clear the head and ensure alertness but also help keeps some important body organs like the heart in good condition and prevents some diseases.

It is also necessary to include regular exercise as a health resolution for the year.  Irrespective of how busy your daily schedule is, it is important to find ways to ensure you are physically active.  Even though it may be necessary to have workout sessions in gyms, it is more important to factor exercise routines into your regular daily schedule. Walk, instead of taking the bike, for a short-distance journey. Take the stairs, instead of using the elevator. Stand and walk to take water from the dispenser instead of asking someone to help you get water. Stand up and walk to your television to change channels instead of using the remote. Just move. Your body will thank you.

Another equally important resolution is deliberately increasing your water intake. This will help keep your body hydrated. Drinking enough water is beneficial to some body organs and helpful for the immune system. While it is necessary to avoid drinking too much water, waiting to be thirsty before drinking water is an indication that you are not well hydrated.

Stress reduction is also necessary to have as a resolution because it has huge health benefits. There will always be pressure and great demands on our lives but it is imperative to be organised and only focus on priorities – if possible, one priority at a time. When stress is too much and becomes chronic, it has a lot of negative health consequences.

There are other measures like quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption. and refraining from self-medication.

Of course, these ideas are not novel but they have immense benefits and could contribute significantly to better health and prolonged life if adopted as health resolutions for the new year. Happy New Year.


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